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GovCMS 8 UI-Kit Starter


This theme implements UI Kit into GovCMS. It makes use of the templates provided in govcms8_uikit and extends them to work with Drupal. It also provide styling for the layout templates and modifiers from govcms8_foundations module.

Getting up and running

  1. Run command npm run setup. This may take a while – be patient, do some exercise.
  2. Copy and rename default.config-local.json to config-local.json.
  3. Update content of config.local.json to suite your local environment.

Workflow options

Production setup

  • run command npm run gulp

This will produce:

  • compressed CSS output
  • optimized Image assets
  • minified JS

Development setup

  • run command npm run gulp dev

This will produce:

  • nested CSS output
  • un-minified JS
  • source maps for both CSS and JS
  • watch task for changes in SCSS and JS files
  • BrowserSync links

JS Linting

  • run command npm run js-lint

This will check for common errors in your JS files. Its not a part of the watch task.

Generating Styleguide

  • run command npm run styleguide

It is using KSS-Node style-guide with custom twig template.