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Digital Guides

We aim to provide clear, consistent and compelling guidance which will inspire teams and help support them with how to design and deliver great digital services.

Partial (layout) documentation

The Cuttlebelle auto-docs are deployed to the gh-pages branch.

To update the documentation after changing or adding a partial, change to the gh-pages branch and run npm run docs. Push it to deploy.

Visual regression tests

These can be optionally run before a production deployment to visually see the difference.

It's good for non-functional changes to ensure there is no visual regression.

Staging environment

Test environments (automatic provisioning)


All pull requests should be compared against develop. To keep things simple, opt for the Docker option but the DIY is also provided. First check out the repository:

git clone
cd service-manual

Option 1: Docker

Build the Docker image:

service-manual$ docker build -t service-manual .

Run the image:

service-manual$ docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/workdir" -p 80:8080 -it service-manual

Now point your browser to your docker host with something like http://localhost/

Option 2: DIY

It's recommended you install nvm to manage your local node version.

Change node version

nvm use

Install dependencies

npm install

Build the static assets

npm run build

Start the development server

npm run watch


All content for the Service Manual is in the /content folder. We use Cuttlebelle as static site generator as to cleanly separate content from layout.

Images for content pages can be stored in the /content/assets folder.


Metadata can be stored on pages within the index.yml file. All fields except for pagetitle are optional.


  • pagetitle (string required)
    • the page title
  • description (string optional)
    • the meta description
  • keywords (string, comma delimited list, optional)
    • for search engine
  • created_by (string optional)
    • is displayed on pages using intro_with_nav
  • published_date (ISO date yyyy-mm-dd optional)
    • is displayed on pages using intro_with_nav
    • make sure to form as a string e.g. "2018-05-12"
  • reviewed_date (ISO date yyyy-mm-dd optional)
    • is displayed on pages using intro_with_nav
    • make sure to form as a string e.g. "2018-05-12"
  • boost (integer optional)
    • influences the search engine results
  • hidden (boolean optional)
    • hides the page if set to true
  • weight (integer optional)
    • influences the ordering of menu items

Search engine

Search is provided by the Lunr javascript search engine.

Weight to search scoring is in the following descending order:

  1. keywords (boost = 30)
  2. title (boost = 10)
  3. description (boost = 5)
  4. body (no boost)

The content is indexed at build time, and can be influenced with the optional metadata fields keywords and boost.


Use small values, like 0.5 - 1 until your desired search result is attained.


Keywords can be added in a comma delimited list.

Federated pages

External pages can be federated by adding data to scripts/federate.js

Special combos

Two word special word combinations can be added to improve results for specific queries. An example is the role 'delivery manager'.

How to add a special combo:

  1. Append the combination to the function specialCombos(query) in 06-search-results.js.
  2. Add the two word term into the keywords of the page

Search data static files

Search data and indexes are stored in the following static files, which are deployed with the site:

  1. documents.json (the site document data)
  2. pathmap.json (lookup table for the SERP)
  3. search_index.json (lunr's serialised index)

Rebuilding the search index in development

When experimenting with search tuning in development it is necessary to rebuild the search index after changing content or metadata. This can be done hot in another terminal window with Cuttlebelle running.

npm run build:search
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