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InstagramWidget is an Extra to display your Instagram photos, other users photos, hashtagged photos, user statistics on your website. Make a gallery from Instagram photos, properties are customizable with wrapper and row tpl chunks. Demo on


Go to Register New Client copy Client ID

How it Works

simple call [[InstagramWidget? &id=12345instagramID6789 &login=instagram_login]] will display photos from user.

Properties configuration

(required) &id = 12345instagramID6789 required - don't use default on production it can be blocked by Instagram API. &login =login required if you don't use hashtag property option.

(optional) &hashtag = modx will get hashtagged photos from Instagram. Not user related. &random =1 random photos or last photos &cacheExpTime = 6 cache time in hours

(templating default) &width =260px widget width, could be number with 'px', or number with '%'. &imageSize = small imagesize from Instagram used for thumbnails 'small', 'large', 'fullsize'. &limit = 12 limit of retrieved and displayed images. &inLine = 6 number of images in line

(templating advanced) &cssFile = /components/instagramwidget/css/instagramwidget.css widget css file, use blank if you use custom styles and templating. &wrapper = tpl.Instagram.Widget.wrapper wrapper tpl for widget. &tpl = tpl.Instagram.Widget.row row tpl for widget.


This extra based on inWidget - free Instagram widget for your site! © Alexandr Kazarmshchikov

Copyright Information

InstagramWidget is distributed as GPL (as MODx Revolution is), but the copyright owner grants all users of InstagramWidget the ability to modify, distribute and use InstagramWidget as they see fit, as long as attribution is given somewhere in the distributed source of all derivative works.