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[Defunct since there are no Aircel now] An android app for blocking in-call ads for Aircel users in India.
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AircelAdBlocker Build Status

AircelAdBlocker is a long term necessity due to those irritating first in-call ad from Aircel. Everybody hates it and so here's the solution.


If your carrier is Aircel and outside Chennai in TN (not sure about other states), on your first call of the day you'll hear some advertisements played before the ring. Quite annoying if you're calling someone in a hurry. So, here's the plan this app will automatically make a call when you're asleep in the night hence accounting for the first call. When you're actually making your first call of the day, technically it will be your second call and hence no ads will be played again. Nice huh!


This app released under GNU GPL license. You are free and invited to contribute to this application in terms of feature enhancement, bug reporting, designing and performance improvements.


Please following the UNIX coding style but with exception to 120 character limit. To contribute to code please follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repository to your account.
  2. Create a new branch to work apart from master.
  3. Write a neat commit message after your work and refernce it with an issue.
  4. Issue a Pull request.

And make sure that the Travis build succeed and you're done. Remember

There is nothing a code can't do

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