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WMMSim : Weak Memory Model simulator

WMMSim is a solver-aided DSL to simulate weak memory models. A weak memory model can be defined in terms of acceptable violations of a) program order, and b) atomicity of writes (stores). WMMSim relies on this observation to describe a memory model constructively as a non-deterministic function that takes a shared memory concurrent program, and non-deterministically re-orders instructions in the program. WMMSim then symbolically interprets the resultant program to determine if any unexpected behaviours are possible under the memory model. If such behaviour is possible, WMMSim outputs an execution of the shared memory program which reproduces unexpected behaviour.

Installation Instructions

WMMSim is implemented as a Rosette program, which inturn is implemented in Racket.

  1. Download Racket version 6.1 or higher from
  2. Download and install Rosette from
  3. Open wmmsim.rkt in racket ide, and click "Run". The file includes source code and also examples. Clicking "Run" runs WMMSim over examples in the file.