Web Browser made in Java and JavaFX
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PS: Currently i am focused on developing another browser based on Chromium , so i am not actively supporting this Browser anymore except if Oracle decides to improve the JavaFX Browser engine because it is lacking a lot of things .


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Java 8 Pre-build runnable jar file

Java 9 Pre-build runnable jar file

Keep the bro alive :)

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Add it to your project using JitPack :

Take me a trip to JitPack

Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file


Step 1. Add it as a dependency

  • JavaFX-Web-Browser for Java 9 - (9.x.x)
  • JavaFX-Web-Browser for Java 8 - (3.x.x)

Hey friends follow the newest NetBeans tutorial here ->


Repository -> https://github.com/goxr3plus/Embedded-JavaFX-Web-Browser-Example-with-Maven

The below tutorial is Eclipse Version , older tutorial

Youtube tutorial


Repository of tutorial -> https://github.com/goxr3plus/JavaFXBrowserOverlay

You can use this browser inside your JavaFX Application

What that means ? Well you can download the jar file with Maven , Gradle etc ( the depencities will come along ) and use it inside your application .

--> You don't believe me ?? ( I am already doing this with XR3Player )

--> How you can embed it inside your application ? ( Use JitPack.io )

Then from inside your code you can create an intance or multiple instances of Browser like this:

public WebBrowserController webBrowser = new WebBrowserController();

and add it for example inside a BorderPane :

BorderPane borderPane = new BorderPane( webBrowser );

Happy :) ? Cause i am ...


You always dreamed how to make a WebBrowser in JavaFX? Well then you are in the right place . It took me 2 days to make it and it is here for you ready to test and improve it .

This project is part of XR3Player java Media Player , so i will continue to improve it in every update :)


--Maven Build--

Maven Clean Package [ With Javadocs produced ]

mvn clean package

Maven Clean Package [ No Javadocs produced ]

mvn -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true clean package