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XR3Player is the most advanced JavaFX Media Player . It is growing with every release , hopefully one day it will dominate the media players market.

Some futuristic features that are coming :

  1. Personal assistant AI
  2. Online Accounts with subscription
  3. Home music assistant through AI
  4. Home visualizations through lights

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Platform Support ( 64 bit )

Installer Windows x64 MacOS x64 Linux x64
Download link X (coming soon) X (coming soon)

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V.111 Tutorial and Presentation


Login Screen Main Mode
First Sec
DJ Mode Web Browser
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  • App
    • Support fully .mp3
    • Support almost all audio formats through smart converting
    • Chromium Web Browser
    • Full Dropbox access
    • Multiple User Accounts
    • Configurable via multiple settings
    • Advanced Tag Editor
    • File Organizer and Explorer
    • Multiple Libraries/Playlists support
    • System monitor ( CPU , RAM )
    • Audio Effects and Filters
  • Much more
    • XR3Player is actively developed. More features will come!
    • Support all audio file formats
    • Support all video file formats


System Requirements

1) At least 4 Cores CPU > 2.0 GHZ CPU Intel or AMD 
2) A good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) [ It requires graphic power for visualizers ]

3) At least 4GB DDR3|DDR4 Ram [ Java Programs are known to consume a little bit more RAM ;) ]


How to fork and support this project

To build XR3Player, you will need:

  • [JDK 9+]
  • Maven - Version 3.5.3++ recommended

Follow the above instructions and run mvn clean package , be sure that you are compiling with Java 9

About JxBrowser

XR3Player uses JxBrowser, which is a proprietary software, owned by TeamDev Ltd. The use of JxBrowser >is governed by JxBrowser Product Licence Agreement You may not use JxBrowser separately from XR3Player project without explicit permission of TeamDev Ltd.

Specs / Open-source libraries:

  • Ikonli Font Icons packs Ikonli provides icon packs that can be used in Java applications. Currently Swing and JavaFX UI toolkits are supported.
  • ControlsFX UI controls and useful API for JavaFX 8.0 and beyond .
  • JFoenix JavaFX Material Design Library .
  • RichTextFX RichTextFX provides a memory-efficient text area for JavaFX that allows the developer to style ranges of text, display custom objects in-line (no more HTMLEditor), and override the default behavior only where necessary without overriding any other part of the behavior.
  • FX-BorderlessScene Undecorated JavaFX Scene with implemented move, resize, minimise, maximise, close and Windows Aero Snap controls.
  • JavaSysmon2 Manage OS processes and get cpu and memory stats cross-platform in Java.
  • Jnativehook Global keyboard and mouse listeners for Java .
  • Sqlite-jdbc SQLite JDBC Driver .
  • Commons-Validator A common issue when receiving data either electronically or from user input is verifying the integrity of the data. This work is repetitive and becomes even more complicated when different sets of validation rules need to be applied to the same set of data based on locale. Error messages may also vary by locale. This package addresses some of these issues to speed development and maintenance of validation rules.
  • EasyBind EasyBind leverages lambdas to reduce boilerplate when creating custom bindings, provides a type-safe alternative to* methods (inspired by Anton Nashatyrev's feature request, planned for JavaFX 9) and adds monadic operations to ObservableValue.
  • JSoup Java library for working with real-world HTML. It provides a very convenient API for extracting and manipulating data, using the best of DOM, CSS, and jquery-like methods.
  • JSON-Simple Java 7+ toolkit to quickly develop RFC 4627 JSON compatible applications
  • Java-Google-Speech-API J.A.R.V.I.S. Java Speech API: Just A Reliable Vocal Interpreter & Synthesizer. This is a project for the Java Speech API. The program interprets vocal inputs into text and synthesizes voices from text input. The program supports dozens of languages and even has the ability to auto-detect languages!
  • JAudioTagger Jaudiotagger is the Audio Tagging library used by Jaikoz for tagging data in Audio files.
  • Java-Stream-Player Java Advanced Audio Controller Library (WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, OGG VORBIS, FLAC, MONKEY's AUDIO and SPEEX audio formats ).
  • JavaFX-Web-Browser Embeddable or Standalone JavaFX Web Browser.
  • Mp3agic A java library for reading mp3 files and reading / manipulating the ID3 tags (ID3v1 and ID3v2.2 through ID3v2.4).
  • JAVE2 The JAVE (Java Audio Video Encoder) library is Java wrapper on the ffmpeg project