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GPAC 0.6.0

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@rbouqueau rbouqueau released this 19 Feb 13:02
· 10040 commits to master since this release

Overview of the community activity:

  • Moved from Sourceforge to Github.
  • ~1200 commits since 0.5.2.
  • GPAC contains MP4Box, the MP4Client/Osmo4 player, and many other tools (MP42TS, etc.).
  • Launched new projects such as MP4Box.js or Zenbuild.
  • Built more free datasets based on GPAC (DASH, HEVC).


  • Improved very high resolutions, high framerate, and high colorspace (10 bits) playback support.
  • HEVC top-notch support.
  • Improved video playback through OpenGL and OpenGL ES.
  • Video 360 navigation support on all platforms.
  • Many adaptive streaming improvement (HLS and DASH), see specific section below.
  • MP42TS (MPEG2-TS multiplexer) is production grade for adaptive streaming and reference vector streams.
  • TEMI extension for fine synchronization and hybrid delivery (mandated by HbbTV 2.0).
  • Better language tagging support.
  • UTF16 name handling.
  • Better multi-channel audio support.
  • Improved support for encryption (CENC/PIFF - both AES CTR and CBC are supported).
  • Improved generic support for subtitles (METX/METT, STPP TTML, WebVTT, SBTT, STXT, etc.).
  • Parallel execution of GPAC tools.
  • Better network support for TTL and multi-interface.
  • SHVC (scalable) experimental (based on SHM4.1 and old ISOBMFF spec)


  • Improved security on the code.
  • Memory tracker can display the stack.
  • More examples of the API (player, demuxers, benchmarks, ...).


  • Compatible with the latest dependencies (FFmpeg 3, etc.).
  • Improved compatibility for toolchains (MSYS, MSYS2, Cygwin ; MSVC 2015 ; updated XCode ; updated Android and iOS build environments).
  • Improved partial build.
  • Static builds (including for the MP4Client player).


  • Added timescale change (:timescale=) and overwrite (:rescale=) in MP4Box importers.
  • MP4Box to stdout with -std.
  • Better id3v2 support.
  • Better metadata handling.
  • Options to change or swap trackIDs.
  • -align-cat option.


  • Can display interactive animated graphics for statistics (buffer levels, resolutions for adaptive streaming, additional services, IOs, etc.)
  • Mobile: several improvements. OpenGL ES2 support and better shaders.
  • SVG animation and MediaSourceExtension support in SVG
  • Hybrid playback (broadcast/broadband, scalable codecs, fine synchronization, GUI in MP4Client).
  • Dektec output cards.

Adaptive streaming:

  • Better HLS support (including startup improvement for huge VoD manifests).
  • Industry profiles support: DASH-IF 2.0, HbbTV 1.5. Others on the roadmap.
  • DASH segmenting: now cuts segments at average duration like other packagers. Less correct but improved player compatibility. Old behaviour with -dash-strict.
  • DASH segmenting: insertion of custom DASH descriptors at various level of the MPD hierarchy, including SRD descriptors
  • MP4Box can do stateful live packaging using -dash-live and -dash-ctx.
  • Better SAP handling (from Type 1 to 6) aligned with MPEG latest documents.
  • HDS preliminary support.
  • SRD playback support for independent videos and HEVC independent tiles (file format still experimental), with various rate allocation strategies per tiles.