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BIFS Implementation Status

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The following table is a detailed listing of supported MPEG-4 nodes in GPAC.

This is not a bug tracker page, in other words it is quite possible that some nodes listed as supported have strange behaviors. In such a case please report on our tracker.

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 1

Node Rendering Notes
Anchor Supported
AnimationStream Supported
Appearance Supported
AudioBuffer Supported for natural audio, not MPEG-4 SA
AudioClip Supported
AudioDelay Not Supported
AudioFX Not Supported
AudioMix Not Supported
AudioSource Supported for natural audio, not MPEG-4 SA
AudioSwitch Not Supported
Background Supported
Background2D Supported
Billboard Supported
Bitmap Supported
Box Supported
Circle Supported
Collision Supported
Color Supported
ColorInterpolator Supported
CompositeTexture2D Supported
CompositeTexture3D Supported
Conditional Supported
Cone Supported
Coordinate Supported
Coordinate2D Supported
CoordinateInterpolator Supported
CoordinateInterpolator2D Supported
Curve2D Supported
Cylinder Supported
CylinderSensor Supported
DirectionalLight Supported
DiscSensor Supported
ElevationGrid Supported
Expression Supported
Extrusion Supported
Face Supported
FaceDefMesh Supported
FaceDefTables Supported
FaceDefTransform Supported
FAP Supported
FDP Supported
FIT Supported
Fog Supported
FontStyle Supported
Form Supported
Group Supported
ImageTexture Supported
IndexedFaceSet Supported
IndexedFaceSet2D Supported
IndexedLineSet Supported
IndexedLineSet2D Supported
Inline Supported
LOD Supported
Layer2D Supported
Layer3D Supported
Layout Supported
LineProperties Supported
ListeningPoint Not Supported
Material Supported
Material2D Supported
NavigationInfo Supported
Normal Supported
NormalInterpolator Supported
OrderedGroup Supported
OrientationInterpolator Supported
PixelTexture Supported
PlaneSensor Supported
PlaneSensor2D Supported
PointLight Supported
PointSet Supported
PointSet2D Supported
PositionInterpolator Supported
PositionInterpolator2D Supported
ProximitySensor2D Supported
ProximitySensor Supported
QuantizationParameter Supported
Rectangle Supported
ScalarInterpolator Supported
Script Supported
Shape Supported
Sound Supported Stereo spatializer only
Sound2D Supported
Sphere Supported
SphereSensor Supported
SpotLight Supported
Switch Supported
TermCap Supported Partial support of caps
Text Supported
TextureCoordinate Supported
TextureTransform Supported
TimeSensor Supported
TouchSensor Supported
Transform Supported
Transform2D Supported
Valuator Supported
Viewpoint Supported
VisibilitySensor Supported
Viseme Supported
WorldInfo Supported

Note: VRML 97 nodes not included in MPEG-4 are not supported and will ** NEVER ** be. Their X3D equivalents are not supported but will be some day...

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 2

Node Rendering Notes
AcousticMaterial Not Supported
AcousticScene Not Supported
ApplicationWindow Not Supported
BAP Not Supported
BDP Not Supported
Body Not Supported
BodyDefTable Not Supported
BodySegmentConnectionHint Not Supported
DirectiveSound Not Supported
Hierarchical3DMesh Not Supported
MaterialKey Supported
PerceptualParameters Not Supported

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 3

Node Rendering Notes
TemporalTransform Not Supported
TemporalGroup Not Supported
ServerCommand Not Supported

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 4

Node Rendering Notes
InputSensor Supported
MatteTexture Not Supported
MediaBuffer Not Supported
MediaControl Supported
MediaSensor Supported

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 5

Node Rendering Notes
BitWrapper Supported depends on the attached AFX decoder
CoordinateInterpolator4D Supported
DepthImage Not Supported
FFD Not Supported
MeshGrid Not Supported
NonLinearDeformer Supported
NurbsCurve Not Supported
NurbsCurve2D Not Supported
NurbsSurface Not Supported
OctreeImage Not Supported
PointTexture Not Supported
PositionAnimator Supported
PositionAnimator2D Supported
PositionInterpolator4D Supported
ProceduralTexture Not Supported
SBBone Not Supported
SBMuscle Not Supported
SBSegment Not Supported
SBSite Not Supported
SBSkinnedModel Not Supported
SBVCAnimation Not Supported
ScalarAnimator Supported
SimpleTexture Not Supported
SubdivisionSurface Not Supported
SubdivSurfaceSector Not Supported
WaveletSubdivisionSurface Not Supported

MPEG-4 Scene Description Version 6

Node Rendering Notes
Clipper2D Not Supported
ColorTransform Supported
Ellipse Supported
LinearGradient Supported
PathLayout Supported
RadialGradient Supported
SynthesizedTexture Not Supported
TransformMatrix2D Supported
Viewport Supported
XCurve2D Supported
XFontStyle Not Supported
XLineProperties Supported
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