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Deferred rendering in GPAC

Jean Le Feuvre edited this page Jan 12, 2020 · 3 revisions

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Since revision 2028 of the source code, the GPAC player can render content in a special mode called "defer-debug". In this mode, only the rectangular regions of the window that have changed since the previous frame are drawn in each frame.

To enable this mode, you need to modify the GPAC configuration file, by setting:

  • new arch: mode2d to debug in the filter@compositorsection, or using --mode2d=debug
  • old arch: DrawMode to defer-debug in the Compositor section.

Below is a video showing the rendering by GPAC of an SVG animation.

The next video shows the same SVG animation being rendered in defer-debug mode. You can see that since only the triangle moves, only the triangle and its surroundings need to be redrawn.

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