GPAC 0.7.0

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Overview of the community activity:

  • ~1550 commits since 0.6.0.
  • Launched a few side projects - cf
  • New test public infrastructure.


  • Many security fixes (static compile and fuzzing through AFL, always ongoing)
  • Colorized log.
  • Fix pkg-config Private.libs.
  • Changed default audio volume to 100% instead of 75%.
  • Expose more experimental options through the documentation.
  • Improved GLES renderer on mobile platforms
  • YUV422 and YUV444 8 and 10 bit support in GLES renderer
  • Improvements on AVI dump.
  • SAT>IP modified RTSP client.

Codecs and File Formats

  • Added L-HEVC File Format support (SHVC/MV-HEVC tracks and HEVC Tile Tracks).
  • Added MPEG IFF (image File Format) support.
  • Range extension support for AVC and HEVC.
  • SHVC and MV-HEVC importers and playback: moved to final spec version (SHM6+).

Adaptive streaming:

  • Support of HLS with fragmented MP4 playback.
  • APIs: gf_mpd_() functions and new segmenter API.
  • Improved alternate groups.
  • More support for PIFF PSEC and Smooth Streaming ( file format & playback).
  • DASH client: pluggable algorithms + improvements with scalable contents.
  • The counter source from the DASH sequences added to the public content.
  • HLS and DASH playback minor fixes.
  • Cleanup of DASH client logs.

VR and 360:

  • Added support for DASH SRD in 360 for independent videos videos (NxM partial spheres) more
  • Added support for DASH SRD in 360 for HEV Ctiled videos (NxM tiles on one sphere) - checkout tuto


  • Apple VideoToolBox hardware decoding support for OSX and iOS for AVC|H264.
  • Android hardware decoding hardware acceleration for AVC|H264 (HEVC on its way).
  • Android build is based on Android Studio.
  • Android: new File Manager.


  • Import of TTML via NHML according to MPEG-4 part 30 improved.
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