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GPAC's wiki has moved to

This github wiki will no longer be updated.

You can contribute to GPAC's documentation here.

GPAC comes with a testsuite hosted here and present as a submodule of GPAC main repository.

The GPAC test suite is made of functional tests of MP4Box and gpac applications, and are a great source of examples for possible usage of GPAC.

If you did not clone GPAC using git -recursive option, you need to update the submodule:

git submodule update --init

It is suggested to sync external media not hosted on github:

cd testsuite
./ -sync-media -clean

You can then run the full test suite:


or only a subset of the test suite for faster tests:

./ -quick

If you wish to run a particular test (e.g. hls generation) and check the output files:

./ -tmp scripts/

For more information on the test suite, check testsuite/

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