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X3D Implementation Status

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The following table is a detailed listing of supported X3D nodes in GPAC.

This is not a bug tracker page, in other words it is quite possible that some nodes listed as supported have strange behaviors. In such a case please report on our tracker.

Node Rendering Notes
Anchor Supported
Appearance Supported
Arc2D Supported
ArcClose2D Supported
AudioClip Supported pauseTime/resumeTime not implemented in X3D time nodes
Background Supported
Billboard Supported
BooleanFilter Supported
BooleanSequencer Supported
BooleanToggle Supported
BooleanTrigger Supported
Box Supported
Circle2D Supported
Collision Supported
Color Supported
ColorInterpolator Supported
ColorRGBA Supported
Cone Supported
Contour2D Not Supported
ContourPolyline2D Not Supported
CoordinateDouble Not Supported
CoordinateInterpolator Supported
CoordinateInterpolator2D Supported
Cylinder Supported
DirectionalLight Supported
Disk2D Supported
ElevationGrid Supported
EspduTransform Not Supported
Extrusion Supported
FillProperties Supported
Fog Supported
FontStyle Supported
GeoCoordinate Not Supported
GeoElevationGrid Not Supported
GeoLocation Not Supported
GeoLOD Not Supported
GeoMetadata Supported
GeoOrigin Not Supported
GeoPositionInterpolator Not Supported
GeoTouchSensor Not Supported
GeoViewpoint Not Supported
Group Supported
HAnimDisplacer Not Supported
HAnimHumanoid Not Supported
HAnimJoint Not Supported
HAnimSegment Not Supported
HAnimSite Not Supported
ImageTexture Supported
IndexedFaceSet Supported
IndexedLineSet Supported
IndexedTriangleFanSet Supported
IndexedTriangleSet Supported
IndexedTriangleStripSet Supported
Inline Supported
IntegerSequencer Supported
IntegerTrigger Supported
KeySensor Supported
LineProperties Not Supported
LineSet Supported
LoadSensor Not Supported
LOD Supported
Material Supported
MetadataDouble Supported
MetadataFloat Supported
MetadataInteger Supported
MetadataSet Supported
MetadataString Supported
MovieTexture Supported pauseTime/resumeTime not implemented in X3D time nodes
MultiTexture Not Supported
MultiTextureCoordinate Not Supported
MultiTextureTransform Not Supported
NavigationInfo Supported
Normal Supported
NormalInterpolator Supported
NurbsCurve Not Supported
NurbsCurve2D Not Supported
NurbsOrientationInterpolator Not Supported
NurbsPatchSurface Not Supported
NurbsPositionInterpolator Not Supported
NurbsSet Not Supported
NurbsSurfaceInterpolator Not Supported
NurbsSweptSurface Not Supported
NurbsSwungSurface Not Supported
NurbsTextureCoordinate Not Supported
NurbsTrimmedSurface Not Supported
OrientationInterpolator Supported
PixelTexture Supported
PlaneSensor Supported
PointLight Supported
PointSet Supported
Polyline2D Supported
Polypoint2D Supported
PointSet> Supported
PositionInterpolator Supported
PositionInterpolator2D Supported
ProximitySensor Supported
RecieverPdu Not Supported
Rectangle2D Supported
ScalarInterpolator Supported
Script Supported
Shape Supported
SignalPdu Not Supported
Sound Supported
Sphere Supported
SphereSensor Supported
SpotLight Supported
StaticGroup Supported
StringSensor Supported
Switch Supported
Text Supported
TextureBackground Not Supported
TextureCoordinate Supported
TextureCoordinateGenerator Supported partial support, local coords only
TextureTransform Supported
TimeSensor Supported pauseTime/resumeTime not implemented in X3D time nodes
TimeTrigger Supported
TouchSensor Supported
Transform Supported
TransmitterPdu Not Supported
TriangleFanSet Supported
TriangleSet Supported
TriangleSet2D Supported
TriangleStripSet Supported
Viewpoint Supported
VisibilitySensor Supported
WorldInfo Supported