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ATSC input

Register name used to load filter: atscin

This filter is a receiver for ATSC 3.0 ROUTE sessions. Source is identified using the string atsc://.
The default behaviour is to populate GPAC HTTP Cache with the recieved files, using http://gpatsc/serviceN/ as service root, N being the ATSC service ID.
In cache mode, repeated files are always send.

The cached MPD is assigned the following headers:

  • x-dash-atsc: integer value, indicates the ATSC service ID
  • x-dash-first-seg: string value, indicates the name of the first segment completely retrieved from the broadcast
  • x-atsc-loop: boolean value, if yes indicates a loop in the service has been detected

The cached files are assigned the following headers:

  • x-atsc: boolean value, if yes indicates the file comes from an ATSC session

This behaviour can be changed by disabling the cache, in which case the filter will output files on a single output pid of type file. The files are dispatched once fully received, the output pid carries a sequence of complete files. Repeated files are not repeated unless requested.
If needed, one pid per TSI can be used rather than a single pid. This avoids mixing files of different mime types on the same pid (e.g. mpd and isobmff).

On OSX with VM packet replay you will need to force multicast routing on ATSC 3.0 base multicast

route add -net -interface vboxnet0

and on each service multicast:

route add -net -interface vboxnet0


src (string): location of source content - see filter help
ifce (string): default interface to use for multicast. If NULL, the default system interface will be used
cache (boolean, default: true): indicate the files should populate GPAC HTTP cache - see filter help
tunein (int, default: -2): service ID to bootstrap on. 0 means tune to no service, -1 tune all services -2 means tune on first service found
buffer (unsigned int, default: 0x80000): receive buffer size to use in bytes
timeout (unsigned int, default: 5000): timeout in ms after which tunein fails
kc (boolean, default: false): keep corrupted file
sr (boolean, default: true): skip repeated files - ignored in cache mode
stsi (boolean, default: false): define one output pid per tsi/serviceID - ignored in cache mode, see filter help

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