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GPAC Log System

libgpac logs options:

-noprog: disable progress messages
-quiet: disable all messages, including errors
-log-file -lf (string): set output log file
-log-clock -lc: log time in micro sec since start time of GPAC before each log line
-log-utc -lu: log UTC time in ms before each log line
-logs (string): set log tools and levels.

You can independently log different tools involved in a session.
log_args is formatted as a ':'-separated list of toolX[:toolZ]@levelX
levelX can be one of:

  • quiet: skip logs
  • error: logs only error messages
  • warning: logs error+warning messages
  • info: logs error+warning+info messages
  • debug: logs all messages
    toolX can be one of:
  • core: libgpac core
  • coding: bitstream formats (audio, video, scene)
  • container: container formats (ISO File, MPEG-2 TS, AVI, ...)
  • network: network data except RTP trafic
  • http: HTTP trafic
  • rtp: RTP trafic
  • author: authoring tools (hint, import, export)
  • sync: terminal sync layer
  • codec: terminal codec messages
  • parser: scene parsers (svg, xmt, bt) and other
  • media: terminal media object management
  • scene: scene graph and scene manager
  • script: scripting engine messages
  • interact: interaction engine (events, scripts, etc)
  • smil: SMIL timing engine
  • compose: composition engine (2D, 3D, etc)
  • mmio: Audio/Video HW I/O management
  • rti: various run-time stats
  • cache: HTTP cache subsystem
  • audio: Audio renderer and mixers
  • mem: GPAC memory tracker
  • dash: HTTP streaming logs
  • module: GPAC modules (av out, font engine, 2D rasterizer)
  • filter: filters debugging
  • sched: filter session scheduler debugging
  • mutex: log all mutex calls
  • all: all tools logged - other tools can be specified afterwards.
    The special keyword ncl can be set to disable color logs.
    The special keyword strict can be set to exit at first error.
-logs all@info:dash@debug:ncl

This moves all log to info level, dash to debug level and disable color logs

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gpac General Usage
Built-in Properties

Filters Help

Inspect packets (inspect)
Probe source (probe)
Compositor (compositor)
ISOBMFF/QT demuxer (mp4dmx)
MPEG-4 BIFS decoder (bifsdec)
MPEG-4 OD decoder (odfdec)
File input (fin)
BT/XMT/X3D loader (btplay)
HTTP input (httpin)
SVG loader (svgplay)
JPG/J2K/PNG/BMP reframer (rfimg)
PNG/JPG decoder (imgdec)
ADTS reframer (rfadts)
LATM reframer (rflatm)
MP3 reframer (rfmp3)
FAAD decoder (faad)
MAD decoder (maddec)
XVid decoder (xviddec)
OpenJPEG2000 decoder (j2kdec)
AC3 reframer (rfac3)
A52 decoder (a52dec)
AMR/EVRC reframer (rfamr)
OGG demuxer (oggdmx)
Vorbis decoder (vorbisdec)
Theora decoder (theoradec)
MPEG-2 TS demuxer (m2tsdmx)
UDP/TCP input (sockin)
OpenSVC decoder (osvcdec)
VideoToolBox decoder (vtbdec)
MPEG-4 LASeR decoder (lsrdec)
SAF demuxer (safdmx)
MPEG-DASH and HLS client (dashin)
CENC decryptor (cdcrypt)
CENC encryptor (cecrypt)
ISOBMFF/QT muxer (mp4mx)
QCP reframer (rfqcp)
H263 reframer (rfh263)
M1V/M2V/M4V reframer (rfmpgvid)
NHNT reader (nhntr)
NHML parser (nhmlr)
AVC/HEVC reframer (rfnalu)
MPEG PS demuxer (m2psdmx)
AVI demuxer (avidmx)
Subtitle loader (txtin)
TTXT/TX3G decoder (ttxtdec)
WebVTT decoder (vttdec)
RTP/RTSP/SDP input (rtpin)
File output (fout)
Raw AAC to LATM writer (uflatm)
ADTS writer (ufadts)
Media Reframer (reframer)
Stream to file (writegen)
AVC/HEVC to AnnexB writer (ufnalu)
QCP writer (writeqcp)
WebVTT writer (writevtt)
NHNT writer (nhntw)
NHML writer (nhmlw)
VobSub demuxer (vobsubdmx)
AVI muxer (avimx)
Audio output (aout)
M4V writer (ufm4v)
Audio resampler (resample)
Video output (vout)
Video crop (vcrop)
Video flip (vflip)
RAW video reframer (rfrawvid)
PCM reframer (rfpcm)
JPG encoder (jpgenc)
PNG encoder (pngenc)
Audio/Video rewinder (rewind)
Sources concatenator (flist)
MPEG-2 TS muxer (m2tsmx)
DASH and HLS segmenter (dasher)
HEVC tile aggregator (tileagg)
pipe input (pin)
pipe output (pout)
GSF Muxer (gsfmx)
GSF Demuxer (gsfdmx)
UDP/TCP output (sockout)
AV1/IVF/VP9 reframer (rfav1)
IVF/OBU/annexB writer (ufobu)
ATSC input (atscin)
RTP Streamer (rtpout)
RTSP Server (rtspout)
HTTP Server (httpout)
HEVC tile spliter (hevcsplit)
HEVC Tile merger (hevcmerge)
FLAC reframer (rfflac)
ProRes reframer (rfprores)
MPEG Transport Stream splitter (tssplit)
FFMPEG demuxer (ffdmx)
FFMPEG decoder (ffdec)
FFMPEG AV Capture (ffavin)
FFMPEG video rescaler (ffsws)
FFMPEG encoder (ffenc)
FFMPEG muxer (ffmx)
FFMPEG AVFilter (ffavf)
JavaScript filter (jsf)
OpenHEVC decoder (ohevcdec)

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