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Probe source

Register name used to load filter: probe

The Probe filter is used by applications (typically MP4Box) to query demuxed pids available in a source chain.
The filter does not produce any output nor feedback, it is up to the app developper to query input pids of the prober and take appropriated decisions.


log (string, default: stderr, minmax: fileName, stderr or stdout): set inspect log filename
mode (enum, default: pck): dump mode

  • pck: dump full packet
  • blk: dump packets before reconstruction
  • frame: force reframer
  • raw: dump source packets without demuxing

interleave (boolean, default: true): dump packets as they are received on each pid. If false, report per pid is generated
deep (boolean, default: false): dump packets along with PID state change, implied when fmt is set
props (boolean, default: true): dump packet properties, ignored when fmt is set (see filter help)
dump_data (boolean, default: false, updatable): enable full data dump (WARNING heavy!), ignored when fmt is set (see filter help)
fmt (string, updatable): set packet dump format (see filter help)
hdr (boolean, default: true): print a header corresponding to fmt string without '$ 'or "pid."
allp (boolean, default: false): analyse for the entire duration, rather than stoping when all pids are found
info (boolean, default: false): monitor PID info changes
pcr (boolean, default: false): dump M2TS PCR info
speed (number, default: 1.0): set playback command speed. If speed is negative and start is 0, start is set to -1
start (number, default: 0.0): set playback start offset. Negative value means percent of media dur with -1 <=> dur
dur (fraction, default: 0/0): set inspect duration
analyze (boolean, default: false): analyze sample content (NALU, OBU)
xml (boolean, default: false): use xml formatting (implied if (-analyze]() is set) and disable fmt
fftmcd (boolean, default: false): consider timecodes use ffmpeg-compatible signaling rather than QT compliant one
test (enum, default: no): skip predefined set of properties, used for test mode

  • no: no properties skipped
  • noprop: all properties/info changes on pid are skipped, only packets are dumped
  • network: URL/path dump, cache state, file size properties skipped (used for hashing network results)
  • encode: same as network plus skip decoder config (used for hashing encoding results)

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