GDBB (Graph DataBases Benchmarks) is a suite of performance benchmarks for graph databases
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#Graphium GDBB | Graph DataBase Benchmark

Welcome to Graphium, a suite of performance benchmarks for graph databases developed at Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela.


You can download this benchmark form GitHub by runing:

git clone git://


First of all, place your self into the Graphium directory and compile the entire package:

make all

In order to compile just the core of the benchmark, run make compile. You can compile only the test runners for Neo4j, Neo4j with Cypher, DEX or HyperGraphDB by runing make Neo4j, make Neo4jCypher, make DEX or make HyperGraphDB respectively. To delete the .class files use make clean.


First of all you need to uncompress the .bz2 files of each graph, located in graphs/files.

For running a test in the Graphium benchmark you must run:


Where <GDBM> must be:

  • Neo4j
  • Neo4jCypher ( Neo4j using Cypher Query Language )
  • DEX
  • HyperGraphDB

And <TEST> should be:

  • Create
  • Load
  • DensestGraph
  • GraphSumm
  • Reachability
  • ShortPath
  • PatternMatching

Also, <GRAPH_INDEX> is one of:

  • 1 for DSJC1000.1
  • 2 for DSJC1000.5
  • 3 for DSJC1000.9
  • 4 for USA-road-d.NY
  • 5 for USA-road-d.FLA
  • 6 for SSCA2-17
  • 7 for RANDOM-1M
  • 8 for R-MAT-1M
  • 9 for Random-0.3-1
  • 10 for Random-0.3-5
  • 11 for Random-0.3-9
  • 12 for fixed-number-arcs-0.1
  • 13 for fixed-number-arcs-0.5
  • 14 for fixed-number-arcs-0.9
  • 15 for Berlin10M
  • 16 for Berlin5M

Additionally, if you want to run a Reachability or PatternMatching test, you need a fourth parameter: Options for running PatternMatching, use the next as <TEST_INDEX> (a number in [0..8]):

  • 0 for AdjacentX
  • 1 for AdjacentXP
  • 2 for EdgeBetween
  • 3 for External 2-Hop
  • 4 for External 3-Hop
  • 5 for External 4-Hop
  • 6 for Internal 2-Hop
  • 7 for Internal 3-Hop
  • 8 for Internal 4-Hop

Options for running Reachability, use the next as <TEST_INDEX> (a number in [0..3]):

  • 0 for External BFS
  • 1 for Internal BFS
  • 2 for External DFS
  • 3 for Internal DFS