Overall Improvements Needed (BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets 2.0) #30

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Hey I thought that we should revive this library all together,

I think that someone else (I myself am not good with github) should host this library and updates it frequently with their own code and with code that others contribute, kind of like the same way ShareKit 2.0 works.

Anyway here is a list of improvements I think we should try to implement at some point:

  1. Landscape support for all iDevices (There has been a pull request but never merged)
  2. New animation options
  3. Customization with the alerts/actionSheets, for example different color buttons... (although we need the original PSD's)
  4. Support for a VERY long message in BlockAlertView and support for many buttons in BlockActionSheet. So the BlockAlertView would have a built in UIScrollView and BlockActionSheet would have a built in UITableView just like how Apple handles this.
  5. ARC Support (I know there have been pull requests but they were never merged)
  6. Support to add BlockActionSheets as a UIPopover

Anyway I think those 6 things are the main features and fixes we integrate into a "2.0" version of this repo. After that we can get creative and go from there.

What do others think about this?



Agreed. Please at least merge the requests (ARC and landscape support), which are essential.


How this can be done? Want to make a major refactor to the component, but the owner don't accept any pullrequest.


Someone with time and energy has to fork this project (or fork the fork that has made the most progress) and proclaim it 2.0; then get the other forks to redo their pull requests, or manually add the changes.

Alternatively, copy this project (or the fork that has made the most project) into a separate github project. This gives you more separation in both title and current forks, but requires more manual work to get the patches into it.

It's a shame to see terribly useful projects like this one become abandoned and nonfunctional (I'm dealing with this situation in AudioStreamer right now; and asked about it on StackExchange: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/130794/how-to-use-code-from-abandoned-github-projects), and so I hope someone takes over.


Hi Guys, I am new to iPhone programming. I recently used this code to customize my UIAlertView and everything works fine in portrait mode but my application is in landscape mode. I need to fix it but not sure from where to change or if there is already solution for landscape mode. I just need to fix it for iPhone landscape mode, any help ?


Try this fork: #5

Download the zip from there and try again. That should get landscape working for you.


@Objective-Zero : Awesome dude, trillions of thanks :-). That worked perfectly for my project. Keep the good work.


Closing this as some of these have been implemented and others already have tickets created for them. If anyone wants a specific feature, open and issue or submit a pull request based off the current code.

@barrettj barrettj closed this Apr 30, 2013
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