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Problem with FBDialog #32

guidev opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When a FBDialog view is displayed by pressing a button in the actionsheet, the actionsheet does not dismiss correctly: the UI does not respond to touches.


Can observe the same problem - I can tap through BlockAlert or BlockActionSheet and can't close/dismiss them.


This may have been fixed by a previous commit, let me know if there are still issues as I don't use FBDialog.

@barrettj barrettj closed this

This issue should stay open as I confirm it still persists. It's also fairly easy to reproduce. If you open a FBDialog from the alert's button block, the alert is dismissed (animation wise) but the screen is still dimmed and locked (UI unresponsive)

@barrettj barrettj reopened this

Reopened; but as none of the maintainers use FBDialog a fix from one of us is unlikely. We'll gladly welcome a pull--request that fixes the issue.


A pull request was submitted. The issue appears to be that the FBDialog class makes itself a child of the UIApplication.keywindow. When called within a blockaction, this FBDIalog view remains within the BlockBackground view hierarchy, and prevents the view from resigning its role as keywindow. The fix moves such views into the previous keywindow so that it can be restored.

This was a quicky fix - @barretj and others are probably more qualified than I to asses unintended consequences of this fix. But it works in my app tests.

Pull Request #62

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