A bunch of Python scripts I made and that might interest somebody else
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My Python Scripts

I've been playing with Python for a few weeks now and, at least for scripting jobs it's becoming my favorite language to use.

This is my collection of Python scripts that maybe someone might like to use. They'll be inside folders when there's more than one file needed or on the root when it's a simple one file script.


Unless otherwise noted in the source file, everything is MIT licensed.


Simple script to turn screenshots taken from the iPhone simulator or from an iPhone and composing it with an iPhone4 image:

Source Result of the script

Result Result of the script


This script uses PIL (http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/). The easiest way to install PIL is using pip:

sudo pip install PIL

Using the script

To use the script place your screenshot files in the same folder as the script and the EmptyiPhone.png file and run it. The script will create new files with ss_ prefixes for all .png files found in the folder.

Changing the iPhone image

To use a different image or to adapt the script for an iPad screen for example, change the EmptyiPhone image or the name of the image in the script and change the coordinates used to paste the original screen shots. I plan to automate this step by analyzing the image and finding the transparent rectangle in the middle but so far this is a manual step.

## PythonDocs2DocSet

Simple script to turn Python's HTML documentation into a docset that can be browsed and quickly searched using the Dash OSX app. You can read about my motivations and how to go about it in the blog post I wrote about it.


This script uses BeautifulSoup (http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/). The easiest way to install it is using pip:

sudo pip install beautifulsoup4

Using the script

  • Download the documentation for the version you want here. You should download the zip file for the HTML version of the docs.
  • Expand the documentation somewhere.
  • Open terminal and cd to the folder where you expanded the docs.
  • Run the script from this folder.
  • The script will create a python.docset bundle with all the necessary files.
  • Move the python.docset bundle to some folder. I recommend ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets
  • Use it!