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Changed the way to generate module links in the html files

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commit 78d796d1f018bb66d986e73bc4641b6c0b372a55 1 parent 4a8f14f
@gpambrozio authored
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  1. +3 −3 PythonDocs2DocSet/
6 PythonDocs2DocSet/
@@ -248,10 +248,10 @@ def find_existing_file(possible):
# As reported by Dash's author: Module references (added as categories)
# do not have proper anchor in the html files, so I have to add them.
- for module in soup.findAll("a", "reference", href=re.compile(r'^#module-.+$')):
+ for module in soup.findAll(["div", "span"], id=re.compile(r'^module-.+$')):
a_tag = soup.new_tag("a")
- a_tag["name"] = "//apple_ref/cpp/cat/%s" % module["href"][8:]
- module.parent.insert(0, a_tag)
+ a_tag["name"] = "//apple_ref/cpp/cat/%s" % module["id"][7:]
+ module.insert(0, a_tag)
if len(names) > 0:
tokens.write("<File path=\"%s\">\n" % href)
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