A simple, ad-hoc Python API for Hacker News
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hn-api is a simple, ad-hoc Python API for Hacker News. I say "ad-hoc" because it is unofficial, unauthorised and works by screen-scraping and slicing-and-dicing HTML. I say "simple" because it's in its infancy.

The guts of hn-api were part of my hnsh project, but I decided to pull the API stuff out and make it its own project so that other people could use the pseudo-API I'd created.

If you get stories from HN too often, HN will ban your IP address. So be gentle -- remember, hn-api is an unofficial API.


There are four classes in hn-api:

  • HackerNewsAPI -- The main class for turning the source code from HN into Python objects.
  • HackerNewsStory -- The class representing a story on HN.
  • HackerNewsUser -- The class representing an HN user.
  • HNException -- An exception raised when things go wrong while trying to get info from HN.

###HackerNewsAPI Class


  • getTopStories() -- Returns the 30 stories on the front page of HN as a list of HackerNewsStory objects.
  • getNewestStories() -- Returns 30 stories most recently submitted to HN as a list of HackerNewsStory objects.
  • getBestStories() -- Returns the 30 stories on the "best" page of HN as a list of HackerNewsStory objects.

HackerNewsAPI objects have other methods, but they're internal and you don't need to deal with them to get stories from HN.

###HackerNewsStory Class


  • id -- The Hacker News ID of a story.
  • number -- What rank the story is on HN.
  • title -- The title of the story.
  • domain -- The website the story is from.
  • URL -- The full URL of the story.
  • score -- Current score of the story.
  • submitter -- The HN username of the person that submitted the story.
  • commentCount -- How many comments the story has.
  • commentsURL -- The HN link for discussing the story.


  • printDetails() -- Prints the attributes of the story.

###HackerNewsUser Class


  • karma -- The user's score on HN.
  • name -- The user's username.
  • userPageURL -- The URL of the user's 'user' page.
  • threadsPageURL -- The URL of the user's 'threads' page.


  • __init__(username) -- Constructs a user with a username.
  • refreshKarma() -- Updates the user's karma.

###HNException Class

HNException is exactly the same as a plain Python Exception. The HNException class exists soley for identifying errors that come from trying to get data from HN.


Here's a really simple example of how to use hn-api:

from hnapi import *

hn = HackerNewsAPI()
stories = hn.getTopStories()
for s in stories:

To break this down:

  • from hnapi import * imports the code you need from hnapi.py.
  • hn = HackerNewsAPI() instantiates the API.
  • stories = hn.getTopStories() gets the 30 stories on the front page of HN and stores them in a list of HackerNewsStory objects.
  • for s in stories: s.printDetails() prints the details of every story on the front page of HN.


hn-api is released under the Simplified BSD License.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott Jackson. All rights reserved.

##The Future

I'd love to flesh hn-api out a little more. If you'd like to contribute to the project, feel free to do so!

###I hope that hn-api is of use to someone writing a Hacker News-related application. If you use hn-api in something you write, drop me a line -- I'd love to hear about it!