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John Langford's original release of Vowpal Wabbit -- a fast online learning algorithm
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This is the vowpal wabbit fast online learning code.  It is Copyright
(c) 2007 Yahoo! Inc, and released for use under the BSD (revised) open
source license.

Contributing authors are John Langford (Primary), Lihong Li, Alex

Checked into github with clone URL:

To get the code install git -- in a clean directory:

git clone git://

I've created a tag for the completely stock initial distribution '2.3'
so to check out that original release and create a branch based on it:

git checkout 2.3
git checkout -b from-2.3

Or, in one command:

git checkout -b from-2.3 2.3

Swicegood, Travis. Pragmatic Version Control with Git. 2008. (p. 102)

Alternatively, the code can be downloaded directly from github:
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