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Plugin for webpack to cleanup the output path
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🚨 I don't have the time to follow or update this plugin. If someone wants to the ownership of the npm module please, thanks!


This webpack plugin cleans up the extraneous files from the webpack's output path.

Since it runs when the compile process is finished, it is useful when building on production to remove the assets created by previous builds.

npm install webpack-cleanup-plugin --save-dev

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⚠️ Beware! This plugins actually delete files. Make sure it's safe for your app to delete files not generated by webpack. Use the exclude option if you want to keep files that are not webpack assets.


Install via npm:

npm install webpack-cleanup-plugin --save-dev

Then add the plugin to the plugins array in your webpack's config, e.g.:

// webpack.config.js
import WebpackCleanupPlugin from 'webpack-cleanup-plugin';
const config = {
  output: {
    path: "/my/output/path"
  // ...
  plugins: [
    new WebpackCleanupPlugin()
export default config;


  • If you want to keep some files in the output path, e.g. a stats.json file generated from some other plugins, use the exclude Array option. It accepts globbing as in minimatch.
// Do not delete `stats.json`, `important.json`, and everything in `folder`
new WebpackCleanupPlugin({
  exclude: ["stats.json", "important.js", "folder/**/*"],
  • To mute the console output, use the quiet option:
new WebpackCleanupPlugin({
  quiet: true,
  • To print the list of the files that will be deleted without actually deleting them, use the preview option:
new WebpackCleanupPlugin({
  preview: true,
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