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Grails Disqus plugin
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Grails Disqus plugin

It provides embeding DISQUS commenting system into your Grails application.


grails install-plugin disqus


Plugin requires the site's shortname option. You can specify it in Config.groovy:

grails.plugins.disqus.shortname = "mysiteshortname"

You can also pass shortname attribute to disqus:comments tag. To get shortname visit

To embed comments use following tag:

<disqus:comments bean="${article}" /> or <disqus:comments identifier="page-1" />

You must add either bean or identifier attribute. For bean attribute any object can be passed and it will generate the following identifier, ex. "Article@1".

Optional attributes:

  • url. Permlink to the page. If not specified then request url will be used.
  • shortname. The shortname of the site generated in during registration


The Disqus will not work properly until the page will be deployed under the registered domain. This is normal behavior :)

More configuration

To translate "noscript" message you can add config option:

grails.plugins.disqus.noscript = "You don't have javascript therefor no comments for you :("

To change poweredby message you can add config option or just use empty string to remove it:

grails.plugins.disqus.powered = "Comments powered by Disqus"

Identifier generation can by modified by creating identifier closure in Config.groovy:

grails.plugins.disqus.identifier = { bean -> return bean.toString() }

For more ideas, suggestions or bug reports: edvinas ( et )

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