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* \file SDLGLFont.hpp
* \brief Bitmap font class.
* Defines a bitmap font class. A bitmap font is represented with 95
* characters that represent ASCII characters 32 to 126 (0x20 to 0x7E).
* Characters that fall out of this range should be represented with 0x20, or
* space.
#ifndef _SDLGLFONT_H_
#define _SDLGLFONT_H_
#include <string>
* A bitmap font class usable in an SDL/OpenGL environment.
class SDLGLFont {
void DrawString( float x, float y, std::string theString );
void DrawString( float x, float y, std::string theString, int xResolution, int yResolution );
bool LoadFontFromFile( std::string fileName );
bool fontLoaded; //!< True if font is loaded.
long fontTexture; //!< Longint corresponding to OpenGL texture id.
unsigned long fontX, fontY; //!< How big the font texture is (the file).
unsigned long charX, charY; //!< How big each individual character is.
unsigned long texX, texY; //!< How big the actual texture is in VRAM.