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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
Bookstore using XML Schema (Bookstore.xsd.xml)
% xmllint 2-noout Bookstore3.xml
% xmllint 2-noout -schema Bookstore3.xsd.xml Bookstore3.xml
Notice / try changes:
Price is integer (search 'Price')
Make it not an integer
Key declarations (search 'key ')
Change JU to HG
Change second ISBN to HG
References (search 'keyref')
Change first authIdent JU to foo
Change first authIdent JU to JW
Change BookRef to JW
Occurrence constraints (search 'occurs', default=1)
Change to 0 authors
Change to 2 remarks
<Book ISBN="ISBN-0-13-713526-2" Price="100">
<Title>A First Course in Database Systems</Title>
<Auth authIdent="JU" />
<Auth authIdent="JW" />
<Book ISBN="ISBN-0-13-815504-6" Price="85">
<Title>Database Systems: The Complete Book</Title>
<Auth authIdent="HG" />
<Auth authIdent="JU" />
<Auth authIdent="JW" />
<Remark> says: Buy this book bundled with
<BookRef book="ISBN-0-13-713526-2" /> - a great deal!
<Author Ident="HG">
<Author Ident="JU">
<Author Ident="JW">