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Mount as a drive on linux
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Mount as a drive using python

Retrieving a token

  1. Go to , create an app (fill something in all fields, it does not matter)
  2. Go to , and click on the "key" icon, next to your app name
  3. Last field contains your token. Paste it in the /home/YOUR-USERNAME/.putio-config, instead of "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"


$ python install


$ python ./ /destination/folder

Advanced usage

If you want to use PutioMount as a library, you can install it using pip:

$ pip install PutioMount

And use it:

import PutioMount

# Set your token
PutioMount.set_config("token", "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE")

# Set a custom temporary path

# Set a custom credentials path

# Need to install specific package
# pip install git+
# use_mp4 option will add .mp4 files, transcoded by if available
PutioMount.set_config('use_mp4', True)

# Need to install specific package
# pip install git+
# cache_expiration sets the max age of parts of a file
PutioMount.set_config('cache_expiration', True)

# Need to install specific package
# pip install git+
# use_subtitles option will add subtitles files from if available
PutioMount.set_config('use_subtitles', True)

# Mount to specific path


Upgrade requests and urllib3:

$ pip install -U urllib3
$ pip install -U requests

Check if fuse is installed:

$ apt-get install fuse
$ pip install 'requests[security]'
$ sudo pip install requests==2.5.3

To debug, edit PutioMount/ to change: FUSE(PutioMounter(), mount_point, nothreads=False, foreground=False,**{'allow_other': True}) with FUSE(PutioMounter(), mount_point, nothreads=False, foreground=True,**{'allow_other': True})

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