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* figure out solution pango/pangocairo, lilypond/lilypondcairo mess
* add jack for windows?
* what about timidity?
* relocation: non-windows dynamic relocation in main.c
* relocation: fix locale dir
from gub import misc
from gub import repository
from gub import target
class Denemo (target.AutoBuild):
source = 'git://'
patches = [ ]
subpackage_names = ['']
dependencies = [
'epdfview', # Builds, but needs dynamic relocation patches.
configure_flags = (target.AutoBuild.configure_flags
+ ' --enable-binreloc'
+ ' --enable-jack'
+ ' --enable-fluidsynth'
+ ' --program-prefix='
# FIXME: --enable-binreloc has been neutralized.
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
target.AutoBuild.__init__ (self, settings, source)
if isinstance (source, repository.Git):
source.version = misc.bind_method (repository.Repository.version_from_configure_in, source)
def compile (self):
if isinstance (self.source, repository.Git):
# FIXME: missing dependency
self.system ('cd %(builddir)s/src && make lylexer.c')
target.AutoBuild.compile (self)
class Denemo__mingw__windows (Denemo):
dependencies = [x for x in Denemo.dependencies
if x.replace ('-devel', '') not in [
]] + ['lilypad']
configure_flags = (Denemo.configure_flags
.replace ('--enable-jack', '--disable-jack'))
make_flags = ''
class Denemo__mingw__console (Denemo__mingw__windows):
configure_flags = (Denemo__mingw__windows.configure_flags
+ ' --enable-debugging')
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
Denemo__mingw__windows.__init__ (self, settings, source)
# Configure (link) without -mwindows for denemo-console.exe
self.target_gcc_flags = '-mms-bitfields'
def compile (self):
Denemo__mingw__windows.compile (self)
self.system ('''
cd %(builddir)s/src && mv .libs/denemo.exe denemo-console.exe && rm -f denemo.exe
cd %(builddir)s/src && make AM_LDFLAGS="-mwindows" && cp -p .libs/denemo.exe denemo-windows.exe
def install (self):
Denemo__mingw__windows.install (self)
self.system ('''
install -m755 %(builddir)s/src/denemo-windows.exe %(install_prefix)s/bin/denemo.exe
install -m755 %(builddir)s/src/denemo-console.exe %(install_prefix)s/bin/denemo-console.exe
# Use debugging for Windows for now.
# Denemo__mingw = Denemo__mingw__windows
Denemo__mingw = Denemo__mingw__console
class Denemo__darwin (Denemo):
dependencies = [x for x in Denemo.dependencies
if x.replace ('-devel', '') not in [
'libxml2', # Included in darwin-sdk, hmm?
]] + [
configure_flags = (Denemo.configure_flags
.replace ('--enable-jack', '--disable-jack')
+ ' "CPPFLAGS=-I%(system_prefix)s/include -I%(system_prefix)s/include/sys"')
class Denemo__darwin__ppc (Denemo__darwin):
# make sure that PREFIX/include/unistd.h gets included
def patch (self):
Denemo__darwin.patch (self)
self.system ('''
mkdir -p %(builddir)s/src
cp -pv %(system_prefix)s/include/unistd.h %(builddir)s/src
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