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import os
from gub import context
from gub import misc
from gub import loggedos
from gub import system
from gub import tools
class Gcc__system (system.Configure):
def description (self):
return 'GNU C compiler; 4.x is strongly recommended'
class Gcc__tools (tools.AutoBuild):
dependencies = [
configure_flags = (tools.AutoBuild.configure_flags
+ '%(enable_languages)s'
+ ' --disable-multilib'
+ ' --enable-static'
+ ' --enable-shared'
+ ' --with-as=%(tools_prefix)s/bin/as'
+ ' --with-ld=%(tools_prefix)s/bin/ld'
+ ' --with-nm=%(tools_prefix)s/bin/nm'
def patch (self):
tools.AutoBuild.patch (self)
do_not_look_in_slash_usr (self)
def languages (self):
return ['c', 'c++']
def enable_languages (self):
flags = ' --enable-languages=' + ','.join (self.languages ())
if 'c++' in self.languages ():
flags += ' --enable-libstdcxx-debug'
return flags
make_flags = misc.join_lines ('''
def install (self):
tools.AutoBuild.install (self)
move_target_libs (self, '%(install_prefix)s/%(target_architecture)s')
# move_target_libs ('%(install_prefix)s%/lib')
self.disable_libtool_la_files ('stdc[+][+]')
def do_not_look_in_slash_usr (self):
# GUB [cross] compilers must NOT look in /usr.
# Fixes LIBRESTRICT=stat:open and resulting ugliness.
for i in ['%(srcdir)s/configure', '%(srcdir)s/gcc/configure']:
self.file_sub ([
# gcc-4.1.1 gcc/configure
('( *gcc_cv_tool_dirs=.*PATH_SEPARATOR/usr)', r'#\1'),
# gcc-4.3.2 ./configure
('( *gcc_cv_tool_dirs=.*gcc_cv_tool_dirs/usr)', r'#\1')],
# This seems to have been fixed in gcc-4.3.2, but only if
# *not* cross-compiling---a hardcoded lookup in /usr, without
# asking configure, still makes no sense to me. Redirecting
# lookups survives gcc-4.1.1--4.3.2, which is more robust than
# patching them out.
self.file_sub ([
('( standard_exec_prefix_.*= ")/usr', r'\1%(system_prefix)s')],
def move_target_libs (self, libdir):
self.system ('mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/lib || true')
def move_target_lib (logger, file_name):
base = os.path.split (self.expand (file_name))[1]
loggedos.rename (logger, file_name, os.path.join (self.expand ('%(install_prefix)s/lib'), base))
# for suf in ['.la', '.so*', '.dylib']:
# .so* because version numbers trail .so extension.
for suf in ['.a', '.la', '.so*', '.dylib']:
self.map_find_files (move_target_lib, libdir, 'lib.*%(suf)s' % locals ())
def install_missing_archprefix_binaries (self):
def copy (logger, plain_name):
base_name = os.path.basename (plain_name)
full_name = self.expand ('%(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/bin/%(toolchain_prefix)s%(base_name)s', env=locals ())
if not os.path.exists (full_name):
loggedos.system (logger, 'cp %(plain_name)s %(full_name)s' % locals ())
self.map_find_files (copy, '%(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/%(target_architecture)s/bin', self.expand ('.*'))
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