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import os
import sys
from gub import misc
from gub import target
from gub.specs import inkscape
# FIXME: make target.Installer/target.BaseBuild packag?
# This is much more work than just calling
# bin/gib --platform= --branch=PACKAGE=BRANCH PACKAGE
# not really a 'python driver'.
class Inkscape_installer (target.AutoBuild):
source = Inkscape.source
never_install = 'True'
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
target.AutoBuild.__init__ (self, settings, source)
source.is_tracking = misc.bind_method (lambda x: True, source)
source.is_downloaded = misc.bind_method (lambda x: True, source)
source.update_workdir = misc.bind_method (lambda x: True, source)
dependencies = [self.settings.target_platform + '::inkscape']
subpackage_names = ['']
def stages (self):
return ['compile', 'install', 'package']
def compile (self):
inkscape_branch = self.source.full_branch_name ()
self.system (sys.executable
+ misc.join_lines ('''
'''), locals ())
install_command = 'true'
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