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from gub import misc
from gub import repository
from gub import target
from gub import tools
class Libtool (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
#source = 'git://'
dependencies = ['tools::libtool']
configure_variables = (target.AutoBuild.configure_variables
.replace ('SHELL=', 'CONFIG_SHELL='))
if 'stat' in misc.librestrict ():
configure_command = ('CONFIG_SHELL=%(tools_prefix)s/bin/bash '
'LD_PRELOAD=%(tools_prefix)s/lib/ '
+ target.AutoBuild.configure_command
.replace ('/sh', '/bash')
.replace ('SHELL=', 'CONFIG_SHELL='))
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
target.AutoBuild.__init__ (self, settings, source)
# repository patched in method.
def version_from_VERSION (self):
return '2.2.7'
if isinstance (source, repository.Git):
source.version = misc.bind_method (version_from_VERSION, source)
source._version = '2.2.7'
Libtool.set_sover (self)
if isinstance (self.source, repository.Git):
self.dependencies += ['tools::libtool', 'tools::automake']
def autoupdate (self):
# automagic works, but takes forever
if isinstance (self.source, repository.Git):
self.system ('cd %(srcdir)s && reconfdirs=". libltdl" ./bootstrap')
# target.AutoBuild.autoupdate (self)
def set_sover (self):
# FIXME: how to automate this?
self.so_version = '3'
if self.source._version in ('2.2.4', '2.2.6.a', '2.2.7'):
self.so_version = '7'
subpackage_names = ['devel', 'doc', 'runtime', '']
def get_subpackage_definitions (self):
d = target.AutoBuild.get_subpackage_definitions (self)
d['devel'].append (self.settings.prefix_dir + '/bin/libtool*')
d['devel'].append (self.settings.prefix_dir + '/share/libltdl')
return d
def update_libtool (self):
config_cache_overrides = (target.AutoBuild.config_cache_overrides + '''
class Libtool__darwin (Libtool):
def install (self):
Libtool.install (self)
## necessary for programs that load dynamic modules.
self.dump ("prependdir DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$INSTALLER_PREFIX/lib",
class Libtool__tools (tools.AutoBuild, Libtool):
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
tools.AutoBuild.__init__ (self, settings, source)
Libtool.set_sover (self)
update_libtool = tools.AutoBuild.nop
def install (self):
tools.AutoBuild.install (self)
# FIXME: urg. Are we doing something wrong? Why does libtool
# ignore [have /usr prevail over] --prefix ?
self.file_sub ([(' (/usr/lib/*[" ])', r' %(system_prefix)s/lib \1'),
('((-L| )/usr/lib/../lib/* )', r'\2%(system_prefix)s/lib \1')],
if 'stat' in misc.librestrict ():
configure_command = ('SHELL=/bin/bash CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash '
+ tools.AutoBuild.configure_command)
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