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from gub import context
from gub import target
class Libxcb (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
#1.1.92 removes libxcb-xlib, which libx11-1.1.15 needs?
#source = ''
xproto.c:3056: error: conflicting types for 'xcb_get_atom_name_name'
/home/janneke/vc/gub/target/linux-64/src/libxcb-1.1.93/src/xproto.h:6867: error: previous declaration of 'xcb_get_atom_name_name' was here
#source = ''
xproto.c: In function 'xcb_configure_window_checked':
xproto.c:2479: error: 'xcb_configure_window_request_t' has no member named 'pad1'
patches = ['libxcb-1.1.93.patch']
dependencies = ['tools::libtool', 'libpthread-stubs-devel', 'libxau-devel', 'xcb-proto-devel']
parallel_build_broken = True
class Libxcb__freebsd (Libxcb):
patches = Libxcb.patches + ['libxcb-0.9.93-freebsd.patch']
configure_variables = (Libxcb.configure_variables
+ ' LDFLAGS=-pthread')
class Libxcb__mingw (Libxcb):
patches = []
dependencies = [x for x in Libxcb.dependencies
if 'libpthread-stubs' not in x]
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