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import re
from gub import gnome
from gub import misc
from gub import loggedos
from gub import target
pango_module_version_regexes = [
(r'^1\.14', '1.5.0'),
(r'^1\.20', '1.6.0'),
(r'^1\.22', '1.6.0'),
(r'^1\.24', '1.6.0'),
(r'^1\.26', '1.6.0'),
(r'^1\.27', '1.6.0'),
(r'^1\.28', '1.6.0'),
class Pango (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
patches = ['pango-1.20-substitute-env.patch']
dependencies = [
def get_conflict_dict (self):
return {'': ['pangocairo', 'pangocairo-devel', 'pangocairo-doc'], 'devel': ['pangocairo', 'pangocairo-devel', 'pangocairo-doc'], 'doc': ['pangocairo', 'pangocairo-devel', 'pangocairo-doc'], 'runtime': ['pangocairo', 'pangocairo-devel', 'pangocairo-doc']}
configure_flags = (target.AutoBuild.configure_flags
+ misc.join_lines ('''
def module_version (self):
result = None
version = self.version()
for regex, candidate in pango_module_version_regexes:
if re.match(regex, version):
result = candidate
assert result
return result
def install (self):
target.AutoBuild.install (self)
self.create_config_files ()
self.fix_config_files ()
def create_config_files (self, prefix='/usr'):
pango_module_version = self.module_version ()
etc = self.expand ('%(install_root)s/%(prefix)s/etc/pango', locals ())
self.dump ('''[Pango]
ModuleFiles = $PANGO_PREFIX/etc/pango/pango.modules
ModulesPath = $PANGO_PREFIX/lib/pango/%(pango_module_version)s/modules
''' % locals (), etc + '/pangorc')
self.dump ('''
setfile PANGO_RC_FILE=$INSTALLER_PREFIX/etc/pango/pangorc
set PANGO_MODULE_VERSION=%(pango_module_version)s
''', '%(install_prefix)s/etc/relocate/pango.reloc', env=locals ())
self.copy ('%(sourcefiledir)s/pango.modules', etc)
def fix_config_files (self, prefix='/usr'):
etc = self.expand ('%(install_root)s/%(prefix)s/etc/pango', locals ())
self.system ('mkdir -p %(etc)s' , locals ())
def fix_prefix (logger, file_name):
loggedos.file_sub (logger, [('/' + prefix + '/', '$PANGO_PREFIX/')],
self.map_locate (fix_prefix, etc, '*')
class Pango__linux (Pango):
def untar (self):
Pango.untar (self)
# FIXME: --without-cairo switch is removed in 1.10.1,
# pango only compiles without cairo if cairo is not
# installed linkably on the build system. UGH.
self.file_sub ([('(have_cairo[_a-z0-9]*)=true', '\\1=false'),
('(cairo[_a-z0-9]*)=yes', '\\1=no')],
class Pango__freebsd (Pango__linux):
dependencies = Pango__linux.dependencies + ['libiconv-devel']
class Pango__darwin (Pango):
def configure (self):
Pango.configure (self)
self.file_sub ([('nmedit', '%(target_architecture)s-nmedit')],
def install (self):
Pango.install (self)
# FIXME: PANGO needs .so, NOT .dylib?
self.dump ('''
''', '%(install_prefix)s/etc/relocate/pango.reloc', env=locals (), mode='a')
class Pango__mingw (Pango):
def create_config_files (self, prefix='/usr'):
Pango.create_config_files (self, prefix)
etc = self.expand ('%(install_root)s/%(prefix)s/etc/pango', locals ())
self.dump ('''
${PANGO_PREFIX}/lib/pango/${PANGO_MODULE_VERSIOn}/modules/pango-basic-win32${PANGO_SO_EXTENSION} BasicScriptEngineWin32 PangoEngineShape PangoRenderWin32 common:
''', '%(etc)s/pango.modules', env=locals (), mode='a')
Pango.fix_config_files (self, prefix)
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