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import re
from gub import misc
from gub import tools
# And this is supposed to be one of the most compiled packages?
# So why doesn't anyone fix configuring/compiling it? Shees.
class Perl__tools (tools.AutoBuild):
source = ''
srcdir_build_broken = True
def patch (self):
tools.AutoBuild.patch (self)
self.file_sub ([('-c (/dev/null)', r'-e \1')], '%(srcdir)s/Configure')
configure_binary = '%(autodir)s/configure.gnu'
# -Dcc=%(CC)s
# -Dprefix=%(prefix_dir)s -- BOOTSTRAP
configure_command = misc.join_lines ('''%(configure_binary)s
-Dcc='%(toolchain_prefix)sgcc %(target_gcc_flags)s'
-Alibs='-lm -lrt -ldl'
def configure (self):
tools.AutoBuild.configure (self)
for i in ['%(builddir)s/makefile', '%(builddir)s/x2p/makefile']:
# Ugh, missing some command?
self.file_sub ([('^0$','')], i)
# def install_command (self):