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import re
from gub import context
from gub import target
from gub import tools
class Zlib (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
patches = ['zlib-1.2.3.patch']
srcdir_build_broken = True
dependencies = ['tools::autoconf']
make_flags = ' ARFLAGS=r'
destdir_install_broken = True
install_flags = ' install'
def zlib_target (self):
stripped_platform = self.settings.expand ('%(platform)s')
stripped_platform = re.sub ('-.*', '', stripped_platform)
stripped_platform = stripped_platform.replace ('darwin', 'Darwin')
return ' target=' + stripped_platform
configure_command = '%(zlib_target)s %(srcdir)s/configure --shared '
license_files = ['%(sourcefiledir)s/zlib.license']
class Zlib_plain__mingw (Zlib):
def patch (self):
Zlib.patch (self)
self.file_sub ([("='/bin/true'", "='true'"),
configure_command = '%(zlib_target)s %(srcdir)s/configure --shared '
def zlib_target (self):
return 'target=mingw'
class Zlib_minizip__mingw (Zlib_plain__mingw):
configure_command = (''' CFLAGS='-I. -O3' '''
+ Zlib_plain__mingw.configure_command)
def patch_include_minizip (self):
self.file_sub ([('(inffast.o)$', r'\1 ioapi.o iowin32.o mztools.o unzip.o zip.o\nVPATH= contrib/minizip\n')],
def install_include_minizip (self):
self.system ('cd %(srcdir)s/contrib/minizip && cp ioapi.h iowin32.h mztools.h unzip.h zip.h %(install_prefix)s/include')
def patch (self):
Zlib_plain__mingw.patch (self)
self.patch_include_minizip ()
def install (self):
Zlib_plain__mingw.install (self)
self.install_include_minizip ()
Zlib__mingw = Zlib_minizip__mingw
class Zlib__freebsd__64 (Zlib):
patches = []
no shared lib: gcc-4.2.1 says
./home/janneke/tmp/python-mingw/target/freebsd-64/root/usr/cross/bin/x86_64-freebsd6-ld: error in /home/janneke/tmp/python-mingw/target/freebsd-64/root/usr/cross/lib/gcc/x86_64-freebsd6/4.1.2/crtendS.o(.eh_frame); no .eh_frame_hdr table will be created..
class Zlib__tools (tools.AutoBuild, Zlib):
srcdir_build_broken = True
dependencies = ['autoconf']
configure_command = Zlib.configure_command
destdir_install_broken = True
install_flags = ' install'
license_files = Zlib.license_files
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