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GOP 2-2b clarifications

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gperciva committed Jul 15, 2012
1 parent 2f28c93 commit 9f3f17ae4e91a5d55f992fc58ef6f8622b85716d
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@@ -707,10 +707,9 @@ In more detail, this means:
he decides when to have 2.16.0.
-he may classify issues as being issue-Critical, but he can still
-make a 2.16.x release even if there are Critical issues if he
-chooses to do so. Nobody else can denote issues as being
+Classification of issues as being @qq{Critical} takes place as
+normal, but he (and only he) may remove that label or even ignore
+them completely and make a 2.16.x release despite Critical issues.
when he wants have release, he will ask somebody to build a
@@ -724,6 +723,14 @@ he decides if, what, when to backport patches and have other
translators do not merge or cherry-pick onto @code{stable/2.16}
unless specifically requested to do so.
+nobody should merge or cherry-pick @emph{from} @code{stable/2.16},
+If he decides to quit before 2012 Dec 31, then we will have a new
+discussion about how to deal with the situation.
@end itemize

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