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@alk alk released this Apr 30, 2018 · 44 commits to master since this release

gperftools 2.7 is out!

Few people contributed minor, but important fixes since rc.


  • bug in span stats printing introduced by new scalable page heap change was fixed.
  • Christoph Müllner has contributed couple warnings fixes and initial support for aarch64_ilp32 architecture.
  • Ben Dang contributed documentation fix for heap checker.
  • Fabrice Fontaine contributed fixed for linking benchmarks with --disable-static.
  • Holy Wu has added sized deallocation unit tests.
  • Holy Wu has enabled support of sized deallocation (c++14) on recent MSVC.
  • Holy Wu has fixed MSVC build in WIN32_OVERRIDE_ALLOCATORS mode. This closed issue #716.
  • Holy Wu has contributed cleanup of config.h used on windows.
  • Mao Huang has contributed couple simple tcmalloc changes from chromium code base. Making our tcmalloc forks a tiny bit closer.
  • issue #946 that caused compilation failures on some Linux clang installations has been fixed. Much thanks to github user htuch for helping to diagnose issue and proposing a fix.
  • Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho has contributed build-time fix for PPC (for problem introduced in one of commits since RC).
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