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StaDy plugin for Frama-C

This is the repository for the StaDy plugin for Frama-C. StaDy instruments C programs so that proof failures (see the WP plugin) can be diagnosed thanks to automatic test generation (see the PathCrawler plugin).

Here are the corresponding versions of Frama-C and PathCrawler for each version of StaDy:

Frama-C StaDy PathCrawler (commit ID)
v14 Silicon v0.2.3 bbb76c32b22e2eb4f5777196ade9e2eba2c2ad66
v15 Phosphorus v0.3.0 3be1d9f39982f4ce05c243096020025b5c1d0aec
v16 Sulfur v0.4.3 62dd256d2a4225a7507287019ae5b11ca9d02075
v19 Potassium v0.5.x this release has not been tested yet

Here are the programs used for benchmarking StaDy.


make install

Using StaDy

The two main features of StaDy are the non-compliance detection (NCD) and the subcontract weakness detection (SWD). See the documentation for more details.

Non-compliance detection

StaDy tries to exhibit a test case whose execution provokes an annotation violation. Non-compliance detection is the default mode of StaDy. One can detect non-compliances between the code and its specification in file F, starting with function M, using the command:

frama-c F -main M -stady

In the user interface of Frama-C, an annotation violation is pictured with a red bullet.

Subcontract weakness detection

StaDy tries to exhibit a test case whose execution does not provoke an annotation violation but that is not proved by deductive verification because of a too weak subcontract (loop invariant or called function contract). The subcontract weakness detection in file F starting with function M is done with:

frama-c F -main M -stady -stady-swd some_loop,some_function_call

where 'some_loop' and 'some_function_call' are labels referring to loops or function calls, and you want to replace their code with their specification to exhibit a contract weakness. For now, there is no strategy or heuristic implemented in StaDy to automatically submit a set of subcontract identifiers.