gpg4usb is an easy to use portable editor to encrypt and decrypt with gnupg. Homepage:
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gpg4usb is an easy to use, small portable editor with the possibility to encrypt and decrypt any text-message or -file you want. For encryption it acts as a gpg-frontend ( Its intend is to be used from an usb-stick, running on Windows(TM) and Linux. Providing a mac-binary is on our TODO-list.

Our aim is, to give anyone the possibility to send and receive secure encrypted messages anywhere - on any computer out there, no matter if Microsoft Windows(TM) or Linux is running on it. Therefore it's usage should be self-describing, and the user-interface is kept as simple as possible.

Of course gpg4usb is open source, as are included libs and binaries.


You can get prepacked zip-files from . For retrieving the source checkout .


  1. Unzip on your usb-stick.
  2. start programm with start_windows.exe or start_linux (depending on your os)
  3. import your private key and some public keys
  4. enjoy portable encryption ;-)


If you have any questions and/or suggestions contact us at - or feel free to meet us at

Our homepage is located at .


gpg4usb itself is licensed under the GPLv3 (see COPYING).

There are some libraries and the gpg-binary included in the zip-file / a static gpg-build which (may) have different licenses, for more information check their homepages. You can also obtain the sources from there.

GPG: QT: ,

Iconset used is Nuvola (, which has a LGPL License

The key image in the wizard (keys12.jpg) is a croped version of, which is licensed cc by-nc-sa. Our derived work is also cc by-nc-sa