A C# (c-sharp) wrapper around libgpgme
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gpgme-sharp is a C# wrapper around GPGME, the recommended way to use GnuPG within an application. It supports .NET Framework 4.0 and higher, and .NET Standard 2.0 (including .NET Core 2.0).

NuGet version 


  • On Windows, you will need to install Gpg4Win.
  • On Debian and Ubuntu, install the libgpgme11 package.
  • On other Linux distros or other operating systems, install libgpgme using your favourite package manager, or compile it from source.

Note that Gpg4Win currently only distributes a 32-bit build, so on Windows you must set your C# app to run in 32-bit mode.


The library can be installed using NuGet:

dotnet add package gpgme-sharp

See the Examples directory in this repo for usage examples.