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Axis values aren't being rendered #6

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I'm using Strawberry Perl 5.12.1 with Chart::Clicker 2.81 and Cairo 1.090 and I've tried running a couple of the example charts, as well as writing my own, but the values for the x and y axis aren't being rendered. I tried both line and bar graphs. For example, renders fine but no values are present on the axis. I've tried both png and pdf output.

Is this a bug in Chart::Clicker?


I've had frequent reports of problems with older versions of CentOS but I don't recall any with Strawberry. I suspect it's something font related in Cairo, not in Clicker.


Thanks for the swift reply. Any pointers on how to change the font? I could check it right away.


my $defctx = $cc->get_context('default');
$defctx->range_axis->label_font->family('Hoefler Text');

I don't think it's the font, mind you. I think it's the font backend.

Have you tried using directly and drawing some text.


Tried to change the font, not difference.
I've run and that one does properly draw text. however doesn't because Font::FreeType isn't installed (and doesn't compile either, it also doesn't have any good results at CPAN Testers). Though I doubt Font::FreeType is required?


Also tried it under a freshly installed Strawberry Perl 5.14.2 (32-bit) but it had the same effect. Sadly I no longer use Linux on my laptops or desktops, so I can't test those platforms.

Edit: Installed a Ubuntu 11.10 VM and this generates the graphs properly.

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I use Chart::Clicker V2.86 with ActiveState Perl V5.14.2 on Windows 7 32 bit (win32).
First I had the same results reported above.
After inserting a line in the output was almost similar to the example-files:

foreach my $line (@{ $comp->layout->lines }) {
    my $text = $line->{text};
    my $tbox = $line->{box};

     next if not(defined($text)) || ($text eq '');   # <- This is the new added line

The only restriction is, that I can use just one font type, regardless the font type I choose.
Font size could be adjusted.
I think that the source of the problem is somewhere in a module in
which has a different behaviour under Windows than under Linux.
It seems not to be a Cairo driver problem.

This is the example plot file from this server:


This is my generated output after inserting the line described above:


The second modification is just to set the ticks number from 5 to 6


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