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Revision history for Data-Manager
- Added a scopes handler to return a list of all scopes that can be worked on
0.10 Apr 11 2012
- Bump Message::Stack::Parser dependency
0.09 Jul 21 2011
- Convert to Dist::Zilla
- Add results of a verify() to the message stack immediately, not at the
time that verify is called. Cleans up edge-cases and problems. This
behavior was not documented, so no reason to change docs. (jshirley)
0.07 Jul 1, 2011
- Fix typos in POD (arcanez)
0.06 Jul 16, 2010
- Use Message::Stack::Parser::DataVerifier for parsing Data::Verifier
0.06 December 7th, 2009
- POD updates
0.05 December 7th, 2009
- Fix busted release from poor merging.
0.04 December 2nd, 2009
- Don't process results with Message::Stack until lazy init time, allowing
the user to manipulate the results if they want.
0.02 November 30th, 2009
- Use MooseX::Storage::Deferred
- Bump deps
0.01 Date/time
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.