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Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ChangelogFromGit-Debian
- Add allow_empty_head option to allow HEAD versions with no changes
to be entered into the changelog. This is a selfish feature that I
need for something I'm doing. Yay me!
0.07 Feb 8 2012
- Add maintainer email and name as Debian doesn't like multiple folks
being attributed. This should clean up a lot of warnings in debuild's
processing of changelogs. Defaults to CPAN Author <>
0.06 Jan 17 2012
- Add leading asterisk to change lines and indent additional lines past
the first-lines asterisk. Refs IIOSS-26
0.05 Dec 29 2011
- Default package name to lc($self->zilla->name) to match other plugins
0.04 Nov 14 2011
- Use @GPHAT plugin bundle for dzil
- Add dist_name config option