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These instructions are suitable for developers, not for a permanent installation.

Install a JDK

JDK 6 is required. 7 is used for development, but not required.

Install Play framework

Here are instructions.

Install PostgreSQL

However is best for your system.

I recommend for Macs, cuz it's easy!

Download ElasticSearch

However is best for your system.

Create A Database User & Database

Create a user called emperor:

CREATE USER emperor;

Create a database called emperor.

CREATE DATABASE emperor OWNER emperor ENCODING 'utf8';

Here are some configuration options you may want to define:

  • emperor.mail.smtp.server
  • emperor.mail.smtp.from.address
  • emperor.mail.smtp.tls (true or false)
  • emperor.mail.smtp.username
  • emperor.mail.smtp.password

You can enter these configurations in conf/application-local.conf and it will be automatically included.

Start ElasticSearch

If you merely downloaded ElasticSearch unzip it and run:

bin/elasticsearch -f

If you installed some manner of package, you'll have to figure out how to run it based on the package's instructions.


Request /admin/reindex twice. Gotta do it twice to get the aliases set up correctly.

Start the Application

cd emperor play run (after play prompt comes up)

Setup Emperor

visit Click "apply" when prompted to populate your database

Log In

Login as the user 'admin' with the password 'test'.