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IO::Storm for 0.8.2

These chnages update the IO::Storm classes so that they work for
Storm 0.8.2. The changes were made from the Ruby and Python examples
in Nathan Marz's storm-starter. They include some method name
changes and re-ordering.

I also added the tests I used to get the code working for the split
word bolt.

Additionally, I have added a Spout class, but I have not tried it.
It may or may not work. I will try to create a working example at a
later date.

Change-Id: Ia5645a3e6ac0f798c96f866fb31900d307e2c72c
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James Baugh
James Baugh committed Dec 4, 2012
1 parent 79aa3c7 commit 70ac1942d401d7d0f7ecc7bd153f80110fd2c90e
Showing with 412 additions and 172 deletions.
  1. +194 −146 lib/IO/
  2. +15 −6 lib/IO/Storm/
  3. +6 −4 lib/IO/Storm/
  4. +46 −0 lib/IO/Storm/
  5. +6 −16 lib/IO/Storm/
  6. +111 −0 t/IO/Storm.t
  7. +34 −0 t/IO/Storm/Tuple.t
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