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Performance of 3D applications
The port applies a hack to prevent gpu hangs with 3D applications:
Without the hack, on an laptop with i915GM, glxgears is choppy and the gears
stop moving after 30s. The kernel log indicates that the gpu hung.
However, this hack induces a performance penalty. And it seems that the hack is
not always necessary. On a laptop with Ironlake, there seems to be no gpu hang
without the hack, and the frame rate increases by 50% in tuxracer (even 100% in
To use the port without the hack, simply restore the original intel DRI modules,
from the xserver set (i.e., the files /usr/X11R7/lib/modules/dri/i9*_dri.*).
To directly build the port without the hack,
- either revert the above commit before patching the NetBSD source,
- or, with the automated build, do not pass the option `-m' (but this only works
if you did not already install the port before).
The hack would probably be obsolete with a recent version of Mesa:
An attempt to apply this commit instead of the hack failed. This commit depends
on too many other post-7.8.2 Mesa commits. Hopefully, the problem with resolve
itself when Mesa is updated in NetBSD.