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Philips Raw Data Reader Node

This project hosts the Philips raw data reader node for GPI in binary form for easy access. The source code for this project is closed and can only be obtained with direct permission from Philips. If you are interested in acquiring a copy, contact your Philips representative.


A module for reading in Philips MR Scanner data. Current supported formats include: .data, .list, .lab, .raw, .sin, .par, .xml, .rec, and .cpx.


Port Name Description
data MR data from file
noise noise measurement data
phc phase data for EPI correction
spiralparms MRTDG spiral specific scan information
header information from Philips header files (.list, .sin, .lab, .par, .xml)


Widget Name Description
I/O Info Gives info on selected file, data type, data dimensionality and dimension labels
File Browser button to launch file browswer, and typein widget if the pathway is known
Execution Type indicates if this is module is run as thread, process, or apploop
Read Param Only set to read header only

data/list Options

Widget Name Description
ky chop turns on/off ky chopping (multiplying data in even-numbered Y phase encodings by -1)
kz chop turns on/off kz chopping (multiplying data in even-numbered Z phase encodings by -1)
PROPELLER TSE select when reading PROPELLER TSE data sets
PROPELLER GRASE select when reading PROPELLER GRASE data sets

par/rec Options

Re-scale Type Description
FP floating point
DV display value
SV stored value

lab/raw/sin Options

Apply Corrections
Profile dependent amplification
Random phase
Measurement phase
DC offset correction


Download the latest release corresponding to your platform (Linux or OSX) to your ~/gpi directory (or a directory that is in your LIB_PATH, as shown in the configuration documentation), unzip and restart GPI. Also checkout the post on the Philips Raw Data Reader as well as the post on Installing Node Libraries for more information.