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A simple routing proxy in Go. Accepts incoming connections on ports 80 and 443.

  • Connections on port 80 are assumed to be HTTP. A hostname is extracted from each using the HTTP "Host" header.
  • Connections on port 443 are assumed to be TLS. A hostname is extracted from the server name indication in the ClientHello bytes. Currently non-TLS SSL connections and TLS connections without SNIs are dropped messily.

Once a hostname has been extracted from the incoming connection, the proxy looks up a set of backends on a redis server, which is assumed to be running on The key for the set is hostnames:<the hostname from the connection>:backends. If there is no set stored in redis for the backend, it will check hostnames:httpDefault:backends for HTTP connections, or hostnames:httpsDefault:backends for HTTPS. If these latter two lookups fail or return empty sets, it will drop the connection.

A backend is then selected at random from the list that was supplied by redis, and the whole client connection is sent down to the appropriate port on that backend. The proxy will keep proxying data back and forth until one of the endpoints closes the connection.

Uses Juhani Åhman's radix client to access redis:

MIT licensed, in case you're crazy enough to want to use it for something :-)

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