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This directory contains code for manipulating correlators and other Monte
Carlo 'data' (eg, as in lattice QCD). The main module is: - Defines class CorrFitter for fitting the t dependence of
2 and 3 point correlators, described by Corr2 and Corr3 respectively.
Information on how to install the library is in the file INSTALLATION.
Documentation on how to use this module is in doc/html/index.html (html
version, which is the better one) and doc/corrfitter.pdf (pdf version, for
To test the module try 'make tests'.
The .py files in directory examples/ illustrate how to use corrfitter. See
the file examples/README for more information.
This module requires the lsqfit and gvar python packages.
Background information on the some of the fitting strategies used by
corrfitter can be found by doing a web searches for "hep-lat/0110175",
"arXiv:1111.1363", and :arXiv:1406.2279" (appendix). These are papers by
G.P. Lepage and collaborators whose published versions are: G.P. Lepage et al,
Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 106 (2002) 12-20; K. Hornbostel et al,
Phys.Rev. D85 (2012) 031504; and ...
Versioning: Version numbers for corrfitter are now (v4.0 and later) based upon
*semantic versioning* ( Incompatible changes will be
signaled by incrementing the major version number, where version numbers have
the form major.minor.patch. The minor number signals new features, and the
patch number bug fixes.
Created by G. Peter Lepage (Cornell University) on 2008-02-12.
Copyright (c) 2008-14 G. Peter Lepage.
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